10 Tips For A Successful Office or Business Move

Do you need to relocate your office or business? While looking for the best movers Santa Rosa Beach FL, here are the best tips for a non-hectic commercial move:


Plan your move in advance

Commercial moves need to be planned at least six months in advance. For bigger relocations, it can take up to two years to plan the move.


Hire reputable movers

Look for a well-known mover in your area that has a good rap sheet and reasonable rates for their services. Consult with other business owners to see if they have any referrals.


Coordinate with your new building

Find out what time you can move into your new space, how long you can use the loading dock, and other requirements that the new building may have. Then, plan your move accordingly.


Plan your address changes

Make sure you have your business address changed on all the necessary documents, envelopes, business cards, directories, and others.


Inform your employees early

Check with your local laws to find out how early you need to inform your employees of the move. It’s best to do this as early you possibly can so employees are more than ready for the relocation.


Take inventory

Before packing, have each department take inventory of their all their items. Then, designate one or two persons to cross-check the inventory.


Hire a moving manager

To make the process easier, seek the help of a moving manager who can plan and execute the move for you. You can also hire office movers who specialize in commercial moves.


Have employees pack their desk items

A day before the move, give employees enough time to pack their desks and take personal effects home with them.


Pack essential equipment last

Equipment that needs to be set up first should be packed last. For example, have IT equipment packed last so you can unload it first thing.


Create announcements

If your company has a website and social media accounts, use them as a means to announce your move.

Commercial moves are ten times more difficult than a residential one. To make sure things flow smoothly, keep these tips in mind when planning your move.