8 Pests You Can Find at Home

To be a mindful homeowner is to know your pests. They can either cause rotting in your wooden fixtures or even carry diseases. Here are 10 pests you can find at home and how to keep them at bay.


These rodents can chew on wires which and even start a fire. They are also known carriers of diseases like Leptospirosis or Rate Bite Fever. Grease on the corner wall of your kitchen or spilled barbecue sauce on the floor will attract them. Make sure you always have a clean house. If they still pester you, use traps.


A truly resilient pest is the cockroach. They live in damp and dark areas in your house like the unattended space under your sink. Like rats, they are attracted to the smell of food. Keep your house clean and there will be close to zero cockroaches in your house.

Bed Bugs

The small red spots in your body can be caused by these pesky blood-suckers. They are often brought one’s home after traveling. They do not transmit disease but can cause rashes and psychological impairments.


The known carrier of dengue and malaria, mosquitoes are pests we usually do not notice. Always kill any of them when in sight. Remove all the stagnant water around your house. Use mosquito-repelling lotions and sprays to avoid being bitten.


These arachnids are actually helpful in your house. They eat other bugs which can cause inconvenience to you. However, some are venomous too. Regular inspection of hard-to-reach areas in your house will keep you updated what spiders are out there through pest control gilbert az.


Usually, it is your pet dog or cat that brings the fleas in your home. These pests can jump far which makes transferring easy. As with any blood-feeding creature, they can transmit disease from one organism to another. Clean pets are a must to avoid fleas.


Rotting wood fixtures? These insects may be the cause. Termites eat wood since it is rich in cellulose. Have a pest exterminator check your house before your property gets significant damage.


No traps and repellents can beat having good hygiene and clean house. To deter these pests, keep your house tidy and attended.