4 Items That Can Make Moving Day a Challenge

movers in CharlotteThe greatest fear during moving day is unloading a truck full of your precious possessions in ruins. The best movers in Charlotte, NC, or any part of the US will try to protect your items, but accidents can happen anytime. However, some things are more prone to accidents compared to others. To prevent stress during the moving day, you need to figure out which of your items make it difficult for movers.

Large Items

Regularly-shaped large household items like mattresses, furniture, and TV, are challenging to move because it can take up so much space in the moving truck. While large items are common for all house moves, they can sustain damage en route to the destination if they do not have proper wrapping or cover. To minimize accidents, movers and owners alike need to come up with appropriate packing and planning ahead of the move.

Artworks in Frames

You can protect pieces of art like paintings and framed photos by using bubble wrap. However, it is essential for you to wrap them separately to prevent destroying the items. Since you will not be able to put them in one box, movers have to store it in different areas of the truck to minimize damage. Also, movers need to treat the ride with caution in bringing your art to your new house to avoid breaking glasses or smudging paintings. If you have a vehicle, you can take the pieces of art to the house instead of risking damage inside a moving truck.

Slippery Items

While there is nothing wrong with having slippery items at home, they are a real headache throughout the whole process of moving to a new home. You risk breaking your pottery works and plates during packing and unpacking as well. To avoid breaking slippery items during moving day, you need to wrap them a day ahead and store them in a box that has a fragile label. A delicate box makes it easier for movers to protect the items from potential damage.


Pianos count as large items with an odd shape, but it is on a whole other level when it comes to providing a challenge during moving day. Movers cannot store anything above pianos because it may sustain damage on the keys, but it takes up a lot of space inside the moving truck. Pianos can make moving a costly scenario.

Moving to a new home can be a headache despite the help of reputable movers in Charlotte, NC. However, you can minimize damages on your items with proper planning and packing, as well as coordination with the movers.