Questions To Ask A Potential Amazon Management Agency

Are you a current seller on Amazon? Perhaps you have been selling for years but find that as the online world gets more and more competitive, it becomes an increasing struggle to ensure your product has enough exposure to your target audience? Then again, you may be new to the world of Amazon sales or even be at the stage of planning a product sale that has not yet been launched. Whatever category you fit into, hiring the expertise of an Amazon management agency can be the making or breaking of whether you have success in your business pursuit or not. What does such an agency do, and how can you choose the right one for your needs? Let’s find out.

What Is The Role Of An Amazon Management Agency?


In a simple phrase, a management agency that specializes in Amazon sales works to ensure you get better results from your online platform. They aim to generate sales while allowing the seller to keep control of their brand. This includes making sure that their clients’ products rank high in search pages within the marketplace and a host of other factors related to customer reviews and profitability.


How Can You Choose The Right Amazon Management Agency?


It is more than clear that such a management agency specializing in Amazon can have an incredibly positive effect on your business, however with so many to choose from, how can you identify a good option? Often the answer lies in asking the right questions. Once you have compiled a short-list of potential agencies, make contact with each one and ask the following concise yet revealing problems:


  • Can you explain why my product does not appear high in the rankings and what you will do to ensure that it appears on the first page or as close to it as possible?


  • Can you describe the processes you will use to ensure that I keep control of my brand?


  • Do you provide services related to profitability and pricing strategies? Are these at an extra cost? Can you explain how these have helped your previous or current clients?


  • Talk to me about why I am not getting good product reviews? What can you do to help me get these reviews, and what impact could this have on my sales?


  • What help can you provide for FBA since this is required for Amazon Prime? In your experience, does being an Amazon Prime seller positively affect sales for your clients?


  • Tell me about your statistics for how your optimization services have generated more sales for your clients.



  • Do you work on a commission basis?


Of course, there are plenty more questions that you could also ask potential agencies; however, by analyzing the answers that you receive to problems such as the ones outlined above, you are in a much better position to compare your potential options and identify which agencies are not only passionate about what they do but also have the skills and expertise to follow through on their promises.


Of course, you may find that several agencies all provide excellent answers to your questions, but ultimately you need to narrow your search down to just one. By this point, it is all about listening to your gut instinct. Was there an agency that just seemed to ‘get’ your brand and business better than the others? Did one agency give the sense that they go the extra mile to ensure that their clients reach optimal success? If your gut tells you to go with one agency over the others, it usually is an excellent judge of success.