Best Pest Control Company Services

No matter how frequent you clean your home, it can always contain spaces that can be appealing to rodents, such as roaches and other pests. The best pest control services do not only know how to terminate pests but also to prevent them from inhabiting your home through an effective plan of attack. Here are the five best pest control company that you can choose for your foolproof pest extermination plan.


  1. Orkin

Orkin is remarkable for its outstanding pest control, especially in residential areas. If you want longer service terms, Orkin guarantees a 60-day working day, instead of the standard 30-day service, without extra charges. Pests need to get treated repeatedly, so a full two month of on-call service helps you terminate and repel the pests thoroughly. Aside from this perk, Orkin also has an extensive pest library that has detailed synopses of the appearance, favorite hiding spots, and habits of every pest for a better understanding of why they crop up.


  1. Terminix 

With its standard 30-day work guarantee for residential places, Terminix steps up the game for its commercial contract, which offers less than three months of emergency assistance and a 110% money-back assurance service. They also provide benefits for those who boons for company accounts, where you can avail lower rates and a tracking a package using your Terminix account to monitor every service under your paid amounts.


  1. Eco-Wise

Like Orkin and Terminix, Eco-Wise Critter Control is a franchise but with a certification program for affiliation with Eco-Wise’s Standards. They set a green pest control standard for existing local companies who want to be in partnership with them. They also employ organic and natural products, as well as emphasizing the need for pest control education for the customer, as it is the critical point of their Integrated Pest Control (IPM) approach.

These best pest control companies excel respectively by their level of availability, quality, IPM, guaranteed lengthy work, wildlife management, and customer services. It may be hard to choose among the three, but rest assured that any of these are worthy enough for your satisfaction.