What Is The Largest Wood Burning Fireplace I Can Have In My Home?

From the time the first human being carried a burning branch from a tree that had been struck by lightening man has always been fascinated by fire – and that fascination has carried forward to this very day – and for some people it has always been a case of the ‘bigger the better’ – at least as far as fireplaces are concerned. for instance, the award for largest wood burning fireplace in the world may not go to one installed in Shute Barton House in England – it must surely come close. It was described as so large that “…that two oxen could be roasted at once.”

Your oxen roasting requirements may not be as important as they were to the English during the Middle Ages – but if you are looking for the Largest wood burning fireplace that would fit in your home then there are certain common-sense considerations that should be taken into account.

First, decide on the style that you would prefer. there are classic style, more ornate wood-burning fireplaces, elegant versions and large fireplaces with contempoary styling.

Then take a look at the space where the fireplace will be placed. There are limits to how large the fireplace can be. The physical limitations of the walls within which it can be placed is only one. There is also the fact that too large a fireplace will simply overwhelm the decor of the room and detract from the style that is reflected in the furnishings and another decor. Of course, you also need to fuel that fire. Do not underestimate the cost of having a supply of appropriate fuel on hand – or if you have the wood on your property how backbreaking the work can be to gather and stock it yourself.

Take the common sense approach and fit the largest wood burning fireplace feasible – but only after careful thought.