Simple Strategies For Getting Your US ESTA


There is a system called the electronic system for travel authorization that was set up years ago. It is designed to allow individuals outside of the United States to visit for about 90 days. It is used in lieu of paying the high cost for a travel visa. For example, if you are going to come over on a business trip, or if you are visiting family on a holiday, this is what you would want to get. There are certain countries, called waiver countries, that are automatically approved. By submitting your information, the computer system will verify that you are from one of these countries and approve you almost instantly. Here are a few simple strategies for getting your US ESTA.

Who Needs One?

If you’re going to travel into the US for less than 90 days, you will certainly need to have one. You must visit the main website for the ESTA application. This is located on the U.S. Customs and Order Protection website. Simply navigate to the VWP section. Once there, you will need to have your passport, a credit card to make a $14 payment, and an email where they can send your confirmation or request for additional information. The entire application will take no more than half an hour to complete.

How Will They Know That You Have One?

They will know that you have one when they scan your passport. That is because it is attached digitally to this document. The only time that you have to worry about it running out is if it has actually expired or your passport has expired before its expiration date. Most people should not have to worry as they will last two years from the date of issue. As long as you are traveling soon, it will be attached do your passport, allowing you to come into the US with your US ESTA approval.