Creative Oak Beam Fireplace Ideas

One of the best things about the fireplaces is that it can be the center of masterpiece to any area, whether it is working or not, it is something that you can add some creativity. Here are some exciting ideas that you can use to decorate your fireplace.

Simple Floating Beam

Styling a single beam type fireplace that protrudes from the wall like a mantel is one beautiful way to do it. The texture and color of the oak can make a significant transformation to the effect, so you should think about what décor style will work on the room.

If you are trying to aim for a “beach style,” then fresh light colors with a bleached or light wooden beam will look good. If you are opting to go to the traditional, luxurious look, then an elegant oak hearth beam can provide you this, especially when you pair it with deep jewel colors and leather furnishings. Keep the mantel reasonably straightforward to add to that minimalist look, a clock or a candlestick will do.

Using Logs as a Design

It is practical to keep some of the logs indoors if you have a log fire active, but, you could also use the woods as a component of the design. Chunky firewood can provide your chimney corner set up with that rustic, lumberjack vibe. Also,  the natural look that the wood emits can compliment a furnace with chunky, outdoorsy beams.

Paint and Age Your Beams

If you are aiming for that aged look of the old wood, you can get this charm by adding some color to your fireplace. You can distress and paint the beams, and one right way to this is by using milk paint and follow it up with gentle sanding. It is an excellent way for a fake fireplace or non-working ones to have this kind of an exciting design feature.

Stove Style Fire: Using Beams as a Frame

We are usually using beams as a setting around the hearth built into the partition. However, this time, it’s different. You can achieve that exceptional look by having that old-style beam frame on the wall around a stove style fireplace instead, like a pellet burning stove, for example. It makes it feature the fire that doesn’t usually sit in a furnace and style it more of a centerpiece rather than an appliance.

Playing With Fire

There are a lot of diverse ideas that you can incorporate with your oak beams. You can be more playful and do some research.  If you are looking for oak beams UK you can check out to find the best oak beams that will suit your preference.