Starting a Solar Energy System

solar panels for businessSince the start of solar energy systems, consumers have also started applying it to their homes for energy conservation. Once you’ve experienced the fantastic advantages of having one, it will eventually make you want to sell solar panels for business. Before starting a business, however, let’s start with your own home and how the process goes for better understanding.

Cost Savings Guarantee

Installing solar panels will guarantee you significant savings in your electrical expenses. How much, will have to depend on your day-to-day energy expenditure and your country’s laws. Fortunately, advanced technologies have made it possible to calculate your finances and determine probable savings by creating 3D designs of solar energy systems.

A savings calculator – Switch – has been known to generate and estimate savings with an incredible 99.5% rate accuracy. Also, companies have provided loans, partnerships, and affordable capital for attaining solar finance.

Installation Process

After having chosen your entrusted solar company and have stabilized your finances, it’s time to commence installation. Some companies, such as Zep Solar, snip off $0.28 per watt from their mounting equipment because of diminished costs in labor and hardware. Solar Bridge, another company, was able to build microinverters that allows incorporation into solar panels to break setting up single string inverter modules.

Overall, The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have been researching more on strengthening the durability of solar energy modules and better inspection guidelines to distribute quality products to customers.

Money in the Bank

Make sure that the solar system is running smoothly to assure those savings on your monthly electrical bills. There are products you can purchase to monitor the house’s energy expenditure conveniently. And if there comes a time to sell to the house, there have been statistics that show how interested buyers are willing to pay an extra of $15,000 for having solar panels.

Solar Cycle

According to studies from Yale University, if you discuss with your neighbors the savings cost and the benefits of having a solar energy system, they are most likely to start their own system too. The cycle then spreads until it reaches subdivisions and neighborhoods.

Not only do you get to enjoy astounding benefits from having solar panels, but you also help save the environment since solar energy doesn’t pollute as much as other sources of alternative energy. Other than that, they are also considered low maintenance. You can do as much as cleaning them a couple of times a year.