What can Pest Control do for Your Home?

If you hear the sound of pitter-pattering feet at night or have unexplained holes in your clothes, or a consistent pile of dust on a particular area of your home, it might be time to call the Green Pest Control Seattle. Delaying this will only result in extensive damage that will cost up to thousands of dollars to fix. By calling pest control, you can expect these offered services.

Possible Points of Entry

Pest control does not only plan on extermination, but they are also trained to inspect any potential areas of entry from the outside into your home. This includes water pipes, window sills, holes in the attic, garages, and narrow crawlspaces. These areas are common entry points for insects and other pests to find a place of habitat in your property. However, the inspection may take some time. Cracks, gaps, and holes can be tough to locate.

Full Property Inspection

Aside from entry points, inspecting the whole property can be very helpful. You might not know that the reason for ant or termite infestation in your home is because colonies have been surrounding your entire house this whole time. With external examinations, you might find the root cause of your problem or any potential concerns regarding pest issues in the future.

Moisture Check

Moist areas are quite attractable to rodents than dry areas. This is because the moist environment decreases the heat felt in the air, making it a very suitable habitat for pests. Checking moisture is what pest control professionals are also required to do. They will have to crawl into narrow spaces with the use of a flashlight and a handy tool called a moisture meter that is designed to locate areas of high moisture.


Once your hired professionals have gathered all the necessary information, they will need to discuss it with you and formulate all the possible ways of extermination without causing further damage to your home. They will inform you of the present situation, how dire it is, and discuss to you about the steps needed to be done for current remedy and prevention of future issues.


Once you have seen probable pest issues, it’s time for pest control to do its job. Full eradication might take some time if your house is majorly infested. You might have to wear masks to protect yourself from inhaling any harmful substances that they will use to ensure a 100% success.

If you wish to ask any questions, do not hesitate to do so. You might want to inquire about the precautionary measures needed, especially if you have pets in the house, and the time required for treatment. Not to worry, Green Pest Control in Seattle is guaranteed to solve all your problems of infestation.