How To Prevent A Scratched Glass From Occurring In The First Place

Scratches on your bathroom mirror, dining room table and windows can be hard to ignore. Not only does a scratched glass surface take off the lustre of a sophisticated and beautiful look, if left unattended to, but the scratch can also get worse and result in a costly replacement. It’s crucial to know and understand the different types of glass scratches to protect your glass surfaces from any potential scratches. Scratches can either be minor, moderate, heavy or extreme. Knowing this will assist you in protecting your glass against each different type. Ways to prevent glass scratches from happening in the first place include:

Use A Table Runner Or Cloth

It’s perfectly normal if you don’t want to hide your beautiful glass top with a table cloth. However, you can do so during a meal to protect it from potential scratching. If it’s a no-go on the table cloth, you can use table runners which can be attractive additions to the style of any dining room setting since they come in a range of colours that can complement your specific taste. A table runner will protect the gleaming glass surface from scratches without necessarily compromising the appearance of your table.

Protect The Glass Tabletops

The designs of glass tabletops are phenomenal and emit an aura of class. However, these tables are more susceptible to scratches, especially if they are situated in a high-traffic location like the dining room or kitchen. To protect the glass tabletops from scratches, don’t place hot items like coffee mugs, plates or cooking utensils on the table. Advocate for the family members to use of coasters and placemats instead to avoid any crockery and clattering on the tabletop as well as prevent any glass scratches.

Instead of having to deal with a scratched glass problem in your living space, prevention is always the best remedy. Protecting your glass furniture and other surfaces from potential scratches is the easiest way to guarantee it maintains its freshened, sophisticated look for long.