When Is It Time to Buy Replacement Windows?

Before this coming year 2020, you might have already considered evaluating the current state of your home. You could think of renovating your kitchen, beautifying your living room, or simply installing new replacement windows. Either way, making your home safer and more beautiful is your top priority. Since you’ve come here to know the perfect time to buy replacement windows, here’s the suggestion we could give you:


Replacement Windows During the Warm Season

Replacing the windows of your house is best to take place during the warm season. The weather is just perfect to undergo transportation of the windows and renovation of the house. However, this season, usually from April to May, is also the peak time where most people purchase windows. 

Hence, you may not be given enough attention from your project consultants, as they may also be busy with other clients across the country. In turn, companies are also raising their prices due to the high demand. Generally, if you are in a rush, buying replacement windows on the warm season is the best choice. 


Replacement Windows During the Winter Season

Due to the price hike during the warm season, it is also more recommended to purchase these windows during the winter season. It is much cheaper with a lot more variants. It is also helpful for homeowners who are in a tight budget and do not need to address their window issues immediately. 

However, the real question now is, can windows be installed during the cold season? Yes, they can still be installed during the cold. Some windows are also designed for cold weather, but sealants and foams can be brittle when used in low temperatures. Installing these windows on this season is also at risk of frequent appointment changes since the weather is unpredictable. Luckily, it is an off-peak season, and your appointment can easily be rescheduled.

Generally, if you are in a tight budget, you can quickly call for a replacement in the winter season. The only thing you should be prepared for is the stress from the frequent rescheduling.



Buying replacement windows can both be an excellent idea during the winter and warm season. You just have to know your needs at the moment. You should also consider a lot of factors including the urgency of the replacement, your budget, and your available time. We hope that this article helped you in your decision-making. Happy shopping!