Air Conditioning New Orleans- How Often Does Your Unit Need Servicing?

AC-Repair-New-Orleans.jpegIt’s hard to give a cover-all figure in regards to AC service interval. However, thanks to current energy efficiency solutions and innovations, some air conditioning units call for little maintenance and often call for a yearly service. However, if you’re looking at a dated and inefficient AC system, it can demand 2 or even 3 services per year.

It all boils down to how you use your unit. Most AC systems are designed for routine use, made for round the year cooling and made to withstand intense heat waves. It’s not the continuous use that leaves many units in need of servicing, but the conditions they are run in.

Is your living room feeling a bit humid? Summers are not exactly crisp and cool, and drops of airborne water can wear down your cooling unit. Manufacturers know the maintenance needs faced by people living in zones with a humid climate, and thus those in the tropical zones will service their units more regularly than those in the temperate regions.

However, humidity is not the only condition that makes AC servicing necessary. Airborne salt and grit can cause issues as well, to the point of making dated equipment unusable and useless. AC systems can suck in sand and salt, thus leaving those near the beach with gritty air filters and non-ideal home air quality. It’s uncomfortable and holds a potential danger for those with respiratory health conditions.

Lastly, there are reasons beyond environmental that determine when your AC system should be serviced. According to efficiency experts, not regularly maintained and unserviced air conditioning systems tend to use more electricity than their counterparts. This results in higher bills and a bigger environmental impact. So, if you have been paying higher energy bills than usual, it is time to have your unit checked by a professional.

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