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* Do you know what the TCP/IP is?

Suggested article: TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) – What is it, and how does it work?

TCP/IP, also known as the Internet protocol suite, is the set of communications protocols employed in the Internet and similar computer networks. These two separate technologies, TCP and IP, became the technical foundation for the modern Internet to work and expand.

The short acronym TCP stands for Transmission Control Protocol, and it is an essential and actually very popular protocol. It is developed to organize and transfer packets of data in a precise way. TCP establishes a connection between the user and the server before sending any data. That way, it protects both sides and the whole process of exchanging information.

IP, or the Internet protocol, sets rules for routing and addressing data packets between a source (device or application) and their destination. So that way, they are able to travel across networks and reach their proper destination.

In case you are interested in this topic, we suggest you read more information about the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)!