5 Steps In Getting Driver’s Permit In Orlando

Adults or 18 years old and above who are getting a driver’s license in Orlando do not need to secure a learner’s permit anymore. Adults can directly apply for a Class E unrestricted driver’s permit. Here are the five easy steps in getting a driver’s license in Orlando.

1. Driving Classes

Before applying for a license, you might want to take driving classes Orlando to prepare you with the driving test. There are a lot of driving schools available to choose from in Orlando.

2. Complete The DATA Course 

The Drugs Alcohol Traffic Awareness (DATA) course must be completed before an applicant can get a license. It is also known as the Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE). All first-time applicants for a driver’s permit, regardless of age, must complete this four-hour course. The good news is that the DATA course can be taken online.

3. Take The Permit Test

Study and take the Permit Test or the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Test. It contains 50 questions, 40 on driving rules and regulations, and ten about road signs. One must pass this test by getting 40 correct answers out of the 50 given items.

4. Pass The Road Test

The road test is only given by appointment. The actual road test will determine whether you are ready to go out on the road to drive. One can accordingly prepare for this test by taking driving lessons in Orlando. The driving lessons can give you the confidence you will need during the actual road test.

5. Get Your Driver’s Permit

After passing the tests being required in Orlando, you are now ready to get your driver’s permit. You can now smile and drive your car around town anytime, even without any licensed companion.

You can get your driver’s license or identification card from the DMV office in Orlando. Remember that your driver’s permit is not a right but a privilege. So be sure to abide by Orlando’s traffic rules and regulations to avoid the revocation or cancellation of your license.