How Much Does a Home Extension Cost?

Instead of moving to a bigger home, most families choose to have their houses extended. It can be the better choice since you don’t need to move all of your stuff to another location. If you are considering the house extension cost, here is a list of where your budget will go.

Permission and Design Costs

Once you decide to push thru with the extension project, you might want to consult an architect about the design. The builders will use this once they start building the extension. You can also ask an architectural firm, but individual architectural technicians will help you save a lot. The price of the design will depend on the complexity and scale of the plan.

Aside from paying the architects, you might also need to apply for planning permissions. Although it is not usual, there might be instances when you need to consult the local authority before proceeding with your plan. If you live in conservation areas, this may be necessary and at a steep price.

Groundworks and Basic Structures

Preparing the foundation for the site of the extension is also a crucial phase. You must look out for possible complications that can raise the costs of laying the groundwork. If the team has to remove tree roots or move drains, it might cost you extra.

You must also pick between timer frames, blocks, or bricks for the basic structure of your building. Although there is not much difference between the three materials, they have their advantages and disadvantages that you must consider to prevent damages in the future. The costs for the shell of the extension will depend on the material choice and size of the build.

Fitting and Finishing

Adding other features to your home extension will inevitably cost you extra. From switches, doors, and electrical sockets, your expenses will depend on the quality of the materials you are using. After finishing the extension, you are freer to decorate your home. If you are planning to add other features to the expansion like a kitchen or an additional bathroom, you might need a bigger budget. Appliances required in these kinds of projects are usually more pricey than a standard room extension.

If you are thinking of a large scale extension, it would be wise to consider a strict budget to prevent overspending. You can consult housing experts about a possible home extension and if it is the right decision for you.